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Our mission is to empower citizens, helping them learn the roles, issues, and visions of our representatives in order to have a more accountable and respectful democracy.

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Winnipeg City Council decisions on reports, motions and by laws.

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A citizen-created resource for the 2014 Winnipeg Election.

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A citizen-created resource for the 2016 Manitoba Election.

About Us

Open Democracy Manitoba (ODM) is a community organization that builds online resources with the goal of fostering government accountability, transparency and public education. Our board is volunteer-run and our websites are operated in the spirit of openness and community.

We built for the 2010 and 2014 Winnipeg civic elections, as well as for the 2011 and 2016 provincial Manitoba elections. These sites have helped hundreds of thousands of voters research their candidates and learn about their local democratic process. was launched in 2016 and was built with help from the Winnipeg City Clerk's Department.

Open Democracy Manitoba is run by Kyle Geske and Ken Harasym. We sometimes blog about our projects and events. The source code for all our projects is available for others to view, use and extend.

Open Democracy Manitoba Biographies

Kyle Geske is a computer engineer, web coder, artist and father. He is a co-founder of Open Democracy Manitoba, its current chair and its lead programmer. Separately, as a programming instructor at Red River College, Kyle challenges and inspires the next generation of Manitoban web and app innovators. Follow Kyle as @stungeye on Twitter.

Ken Harasym works as a multimedia designer, creating digital images to enhance communication. A photographer, videographer and graphic designer, he provides the ODM websites with graphic content. Ken is active with many community organizations and enjoys the vibrant culture of Winnipeg. A self-proclaimed illustrator since the age of five, he continues to make images by pushing a pencil, but more so these days by pushing pixels. Follow Ken as @kenharasym on Twitter.

History of Open Democracy Manitoba

A history of our websites can be seen through our press releases, our press mentions, and our frequently asked questions. press releases, press mentions, and frequently asked questions from 2016 and 2011. press releases, press mentions, and frequently asked questions from 2014 and 2010.